The principle objective of NOPPAL is to give psychological, medical and social support to people living with the HIV virus. NOPPAL has been formed to appeal mainly to HIV positive immigrants in the Northern three provinces of the Netherlands: Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, regardless of their sexual preference, their race, religion or age.


NOPPAL tries to reach it’s objective by providing a framework where those concerned can freely express themselves, pick up their lives again and where their individual talents can be restored and where knowledge about the disease can be obtained through contact with other members and organizers.


NOPPAL wants to create a convivial environment where any person concerned by the virus can find love, comfort and joy in life.

We aim to help to reinstate their social standing through work and other activities.


NOPPAL wants to assist in the process of reintegration and declares it’s solidarity with all it’s HIV positive members.


NOPPAL wishes to offer it’s members a space where they will be listened to and where they can obtain information on the disease which will help them to better assume their status.


A considerable amount of HIV positive immigrants have fallen victim to social exclusion because of the persistent taboo surrounding the disease. This has as a result that the concerned men and women keep up a silence because of the fear what others would think of them. This prevents them to live better with the disease.


NOPPAL wants to take an active role in changing this by being open about HIV in all of the concerned community through giving clear information. We want to encourage the concerned HIV positive member to be open about his or her disease and share their experience with the other members as well as their whole environment.


All those that are not yet aware should be woken up to the fact that the life of an HIV positive person is not necessarily different from the life of others.